[Map of Locker Zones]

Welcome to the on-line locker management system for Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School.

Student accounts have been created for access to the system. To log in the first time, use the following:

First Box -- Student ID: Your student number (without the 'S')

Second Box -- Password: Your student number (without the 'S')

                Student ID: 12345678   
                Password:  12345678 

You will be prompted to change your password the first time you login. Please make sure you choose a new password that you will remember. 

A link to the map of the different zones on the 3 floors of the school is located on the home page. Use the map to determine the zone(s) that you would like to have your locker, and then go to the locker selection tab and choose the appropriate zone to see what lockers are available.